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August Newsletter

NexGen EAP is Adding NEW Virtual Service Enhancements

Your employees’ needs are always changing and evolving. That is why NexGen EAP is continuing to innovate on their product offering in order to provide your employees with the most comprehensive, barrier-free, smart technology available today.

NexGen EAP’s enhanced Mental Health Virtual Services will feature a new, barrier-free, digital suite of therapeutic offerings aimed at addressing your employees’ mental health needs by providing expanded benefit solutions including:

  • Video, Live Chat, and Text-based Coaching & Counseling
  • Over 5000 Personal, Self-Guided Mental Health tools and resources
  • Clinical & Wellbeing Assessments and Courses
  • Expanded Mindfulness Resources and Guided Meditations
  • Advanced Workforce Analytics

These new services will launch in October 2022 and bring a new level of support to your workforce.


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Why reverse mentoring is important in a recession

Subverting stereotypes about where knowledge and wisdom resides, the “reverse mentoring” model positions junior employees to mentor senior employees. Typically, younger employers are getting their older colleagues hip to new technological processes and progress in social justice movements. It’s a way to unite generations while keeping employees of all ages engaged. Moreover, as layoffs and hiring freezes ripple across industries, it’s suggested that reverse mentoring specifically is a way to prevent brain drain at a company.

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