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March Newsletter

PES March Updates:

Ticketing System is now live! Please continue to email the appropriate distribution emails (listed below) based on your request type.

Our team is growing! Pinnacle Employee Services is excited to welcome new members to our team:

  • Ellyssa Tartaglia: Payroll Administrator
  • Heather Muckley: Executive Assistant

Prism Employee Portal will be available in Apple App Store and Google Play (Android) this month

Anything a worksite employee or manager can do in Employee Portal they can do in the PrismHR app. They will have full access to their HR and payroll information, whenever they need it.

  • Pay stubs and history
  • Time off requests
  • Benefits summary
  • Personal contact and employee information
  • Document management
  • HR support contacts

Manager functionality is also all here. Approve time off requests, see employee details, and more.

Answers to the Most Common COVID-19 Coronavirus Questions:

In response to the Jan. 13, 2022, U.S. Supreme Court decision to stay the enforcement of the vaccine-or-testing emergency temporary standard (ETS), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is withdrawing the ETS effective Jan. 26, 2022, as an enforceable standard. The ETS will continue as a proposed rule for a potential permanent standard in the future. OSHA continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of employees. Read full article.

Viewpoint: How to Create Team Meetings That Don’t Suck

Most meetings suck—they suck time, energy and often the very joy out of life. And in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all Zoomed out with meetings stacked upon meetings.

In his book The Surprising Science of Meetings (Oxford University Press, 2019), Steven Rogelberg, a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, shared that according to research from software company Lucid Meetings, nonmanagerial staff members meet eight times per week, managers meet 12 times and executives spend most of their time in meetings. All that time in meetings leaves most employees feeling flat, he found.

A separate study by Microsoft reinforced employees’ negative feelings about meetings: 69 percent of more than 40,000 people said meetings are unproductive and a waste of time.

However, meetings don’t have to suck. If we apply some of the research conducted about meetings, adapt a critical meeting process and enforce an intentional cadence, meetings won’t suck and they could even strengthen our organizations.

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