2023 W-2 forms have been mailed out to employee’s home addresses. All employees (current and terminated) can access their 2023 W-2 forms through the employee portal effective immediately.

We Offer and Administrate All Benefits

You want happy employees and employees want to work for companies that offer a competitive benefits package and a knowledgeable HR team. With Pinnacle Employee Services both employers and employees win with a partner they both can trust.


Benefits Offerings

We offer in-person or remote employee open enrollment for all benefits.

  • Multiple medical plans to suit the variety of needs for your employees and families
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Short term/long term disability offerings
  • Customizable 401k programs
  • AllyHealth
  • NexGen EAP (employee assistance program)
  • AFLAC Hospital
  • AFLAC Critical Illness
  • AFLAC Accident
  • Mass Mutual Whole Life Policy
  • Many more

Online Estate Planning

vLawsity offers a simple, easy, online step-by-step document-building process allowing you to create a customized and affordable online Will & Testament document, as well as Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy, HIPAA Authorization, Final Disposition, and Guardianship Document. Once your documents are completed, we ship them right to your home!

Each package includes six documents, priced at $150 for an individual and $250 for a married couple, with no additional membership fees required.

vLawsity was designed specifically for individuals like you. Through our systematic approach, we have simplified a previously complex process turning it into an easy-to-follow system.

Exceptional Customer Service
We understand  the importance of this process and aim to provide you with support every step of the way. If you encounter a problem or have any questions, we encourage our customer to reach out to us via phone or email.

Through our exclusive partnership with vLawsity our employees now have access to a number of estate planning needs!

NexGen EAP services

Your Total Wellbeing Program

Your free, confidential, 24/7 Total Wellbeing EAP benefit includes:

  • Immediate connection to a Mental Health Professional
  • Counseling referrals
  • Virtual Concierge services featuring Personal Assistants available to conduct research, coordinate events, or provide referrals
  • Financial and legal consultations
  • Child/Eldercare resources
  • Individualized wellness resources including Wellness Coaching
  • Health Advocacy resources including claims and appeals management, healthcare billing assistance, prescription information and provider research
  • Online access to work/life, wellness, and health advocacy resources, via a personalized web portal
AllyHealth app

Make Healthcare Work Better for Your Business and Employees

AllyHealth is a health & HR technology company that delivers innovative & impactful healthcare tools & services that are proven to enhance care, lower costs and improve employee productivity. By leveraging their new mobile app, they are able to centralize and simplify the healthcare experience, delivering quality virtual care services for physical and mental health along with time and money-saving tools and resources.

On-Demand Care
Whether you need a doctor, psychiatrist, or wellness coach, they have you covered.

Money Savings Tools
Put their prescription discount integration and bill review and negotiation tools to work to save money.

Save Your ID Cards
Easily store medical dental vision and other benefit information in one place so you have it when you need it.

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