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Empty Nester – Embracing Change and Finding My Purpose (Again)

As the youngest of our 3 flew off to college a month ago, our home suddenly became quiet and a little emptier. The transition from a bustling household to newfound solitude has been a journey of self-discovery. I do miss the days when the kids were little and it felt like an eternity until they could make it on their own, but here we are.

I began dreading it about a year ago when my son started applying for colleges and the reality of the upcoming change set in. I allowed myself to feel sadness for the end of one chapter while still feeling the excitement of the next. For my kids and for myself.

Reentering the world of recruiting has been a pivotal choice for me. This career shift has filled my days with purpose, especially as my children no longer require my constant attention and I was excited and grateful for this opportunity. While technology has changed, the connection that is made with both clients and candidates is still something I enjoy.

For any stay-at-home parents contemplating a return to the workforce, consider creating or updating your LinkedIn profile. Get involved in your community by volunteering or subbing in your school district. Reflect on the skills you have acquired raising your children and managing your household. The schedules, appointments, pet care, car care, house care, etc.…. It’s a lot!

Crafting an updated resume is also not as scary as it may seem. Start by finding a free template online and focus on your hard skills. Reach out to friends who have successfully transitioned back to work for advice or ideas. Know your target salary and look within industries that interest you. Getting to know yourself and what matters again is part of the process, so enjoy the ride whether you are working or not.