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Stand Out in an Interview: 3 Tips to Edge Out Other Candidates

So, you’ve managed to score an interview – kudos!  But now comes the million-dollar question: how do you go from just another interviewee to the dazzling candidate that every employer dreams of?  Here are 3 tips to get you a step above the competition! 

  1. Research – go beyond skimming the website. Deep dive into the mission and values.  This will show the interviewer that you are taking a genuine interest in the company. The more research you do, the better developed your questions will be. Be prepared with a couple of questions that reflect your efforts in the research of the position and company. Are there growth and educational opportunities to be had while working there? New skill sets that you may acquire through their company? Consider learning about the person you are meeting with to understand their background and make connections with them, if appropriate. 
  1. Showcase your Soft and Hard Skills – Communication, Collaboration, Problem Solving and Time Management – these are all things that employers look for in a star hire. Provide examples and have enthusiasm. Pro Tip: soft skills are important but highlight a cultural fit as well. Your hard skills will help you to anchor the experience on your resume. Have solid examples to share that explain how you have benefited and supported your previous roles. 
  1. Highlight You – Don’t depend on just a resume to highlight all the things that make you amazing. Be ready to share some examples on why they need you on their team. Sharing some unique qualities can set you apart.  Are you working toward getting related certifications? Have you taken outside classes to learn additional skill sets independently? Are you learning a new hobby?  Do you have a vested interest in the company’s mission and/or industry? Let them know you are not just a cookie cutter candidate; you may find that you and your interviewer have more in common than you think – and that can lead you to become a quick favorite.  

In the end be true to yourself. Highlight all your technical, soft and hard skills while sprinkling in the things that make you unique. Consider asking a friend to practice your interview or record yourself to see that you are making eye contact and speaking clearly and not too quickly. Follow up with the interviewer a few days later to thank them for their time and reaffirm your interest in the position. If you don’t land the job, it’s okay! Count it as a learning experience and make notes on what you can improve on for next time. You got this!